Wk 1- Artist Statement- April Bey

     The painting I looked at was a work of art depicting the famous Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Pope, as Kerry Washington, & Lena Dunham. It showed all four of them but each on their own portrait with a phrase representing them in some way. Each phrase started with “Keep Calm…” and they the finishing statement that fit them. The million dollar hashtag/question that was asked from our artist was #WhoDoYouWorship? The artist name was April Bey.
     April says her art was that that showed the “trash culture” that is covering this period of time in the digital age. She also speaks of the ghetto culture suppossably being represented by each person but how the are far from the real issues of the actual ghetto. It seems she feel that we are walking down a path that should not be seemed as acceptable in society.
     When I first saw the paintings I thought it was cool and unique, but that was just off the firat glimpse. After analyzing it I came to see some things I didn’t like; mainly the phrases. The paintings were amazing but calling Miley “trash” and saying we are all evil didn’t really go well with me. She has the right to have her own understanding and belief of things but so do I and these words didn’t truthfully depict who they are.



Wk 1- Classmate Convo- Bun Law

     Today I met Bun Law. He’s a Film & Electronic Art major. He’s an incoming freshman. He feels the campus is very chill, festive, and happy, which I thought was cool cause I kind of feel that way too.
     A unique thing i found out about him was that he played football just like I did but at Mission High School in SF. I was really cool to meet another ex-football player like myself. He played middle linebacker his sophmore and junior years. I was pretty surprised about his size because our LB’s were huge, but its still awesome to have met him.
     Today he saw that art like wtf lol. Some he really like was the cutting of the pig and the art of the man with his head cut off. He also like one with the balled up flag. He just thought they all looked cool.