Wk 2- Artist Convo- Bridget Batch

     The painting and art looked like a lake. The lake seemed to wrapped with a green shroud. I am unable to tell at first glance what I’d I’m the little pond but it seems to be a bottle. The artwork is called Owens Lake Performance No. 2. The artist of this painting is named Bridget Batch. She is from Calarts.
     Bridget is interested in the unseen. She believes her art works off of beliefs and intuitions the world created. She wants to understand the forces that not even we can comprehend. She uses her art as a stepping tool to get closer to the unseen and unknown, while hoping that one day she recieves compensation by its mysteries.
     I thought the art was amazing. I’m not good at understanding art but I did love the way it looked for some reason. It kust really grabbed my attention. I especially liked the green shroud around the lake. Maybe because its green and its my favorite color or because of its mystery for being there. Idk really but this painting is awesome!



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