Wk 2- Classmate Convo- Antonio Lavermom

     Today I partnered with Antonio Lavermom. He is not from Long Beach. He came from Sacramento because he wanted to pursue a life in SoCal. Wants be a actor and screen writing. He is going to major in film with an emphasis in writing and minor in theatre with an emphasis in acting. He also ran a mini frat at his high school.
     What i found very unique and cool about him was all the sports he played in. He wrestled, did track (discus and shot put), football, and baseball. He eveb wanted to do gymnastics. What truly amazed me wasvthat even after all that he still was president of three clubs at his High School. He is a really outgoing and amazing guy and I’m glad to have met him.
     He really didn’t care for the artwork. Either he didn’t like it, it didnt interest him, or he just didn’t understand it. Once he saw the artwork with the concrete on the floor and the painting of the lake those actually caught his attention. Like him I also liked the painting of the lake.



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