Wk 2- Instagram Activity

     This weeks activity was to post 4 images throughout the day about your life, things you enjoy, or anything special to you. The pics I posted was mainly about my science class because I love science. This particular class isn’t my favorite but it’s still science. I also threw a little friends and food pics in there from my class and my break at work. It was a pretty interesting assignment.
     From looking at all of the instagram postings under the hashtag #art110f14, I came to see a lot of similar thing and a few different things. The two main similar stuff I noticed were pics of food and selfies. A lot of selfies! Lol. The mainly different stuff I saw was that of action figure post and some personal or favorite artwork. I couldn’t help but to like a few of them.
     These pics below really got my attention. I just really always wanted to do archery and hopefully I can next semester. The uniqueness of the top right image just grab my eyes. The truth, based on how I interpreted the pic/art, on the bottom left really got me. We are all beautiful/handsome in our own way. And finally its a freaking dog! Its awesome. I love animals. It’s that simple! Lol



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