Wk 3- Classmate Convo- Sandra M.

     This Thursday I met Sandra. She seems really cool. She is from the city of Artesia. She went to Gahr HS where she ran track and played soccer. She is a freshman at my school of CSULB. Right now she is undeclared but she might do teaching, mainly aiming for high school.
     What I find unique about her is her job. She works on campus as a CP (Communication Partner). It sounds like a real cool job. If I understand correctly she just goes around with a student, typically foreign, and helps w a little communication from the tachers or others that day when needed. Aidk I’d its something I would do but it sounds interesting.
     When it came to the art she was like whatever. Art really isnt hwr thing i think or maybe nothing these past 3 wks interested her. She like the painting of the lake with the greenish aura around it. But most of all she was creeped out about the cutting of the lamb.



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