Wk 3- Artist Convo- Christopher Vavrek

     Last week I did my artist conversarion on Christopher Vavrek. He wasnt there so I couldnt ask him about it. It was a piece of artwork that was a sculpture type theme. It was big and took up the whole gallery. It was all types of things put together to express some kind of theme. It went from tv’s to monitors to dvds and more.
     He said his artwork was kind of a reminder of some kind. He said it was that in which the old and forgotten can be put to use and given a meaning. It helps shows where we came from and how much we changed.
     I truly did not get the art at all. I didn’t know what i was looking at or was suppose to get from it. Then to top it off the lighting for it was kind off creepy.  It was very weird, but weird can be good so just because I didn’t get it doesn’t make it sucky. I just didn’t get it.



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