Wk 4- Classmate Convo- Craig W.

     I did my classmate conversation on my friend Craig. He is in the pre-nursing program like I am. He has already took his TEAS test for the nursing program and applied. He really wants to be a nurse. I hope he gets in. He went to Valley Christian HS in Cerritos. He works as a painter. He’s 21 and a real chill guy.
     What I find unique about him and really like about him is that he snowboards and surfs. I’ve always wanted to do bith those things but I don’t want to be attacjed by a shark and I have no way to the mountains to snowboard. I hope one day I will be able to do both those things.
     When it came to the art he really liked the sculpture art with the awesome figures like me. He said it was really cool. Idk if he really liked anything else but he did enjoy that one. Its seems to me like he doesn’t really connect with the art mentally but more physically.



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