Wk 4- Artist Convo- Scott Burns

     I did my artist conversation on Scott Burns. He was a very shy guy. He didn’t really want to talk, especially about his art. He spoke a little and responded when asked a question but you can tell he really didn’t want to explain anything, especially the story behind his motivation in the creation of his sculptures.
     He really didn’t want to talk about his work but in his writing he said it was art that filled his psychological need to ceeate art. He didn’t want to say much about it but rather his audience experience and interpret it themselves. Idk whether to see that as a huge gamble or awesome.
     I thought his sculptures were freaking awesome. All his pieces of art were unique in there own way. Some had big feet, some had twisted heads but in the overview of it, it was amazing. Idk why I liked it but I really. Mainly the one I posted with this blog.



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