Wk 5- Artist Convo- Mike Lewis

     I did my artist conversation on Mark. I was walking around the galleries trying to decide who to do it on but couldn’t decide, so I took a few pictures and left. I later talked to my friend who said this guy named Mark Lewis was cool. He came super late to the galleries thats why I didnt see him. He is an airsofter. I should’ve asked what exactly that job imvolves because I have no idea lol.
     My friend said Mark used photographs to capture the crazy and the weird of this world. It sounded pretty interesting so I went for it. He wanted to portray the kids in the army picture counterfactual identity that lied behind their camo gear. They were trying to put together a image of a war between eachother. That was pretty cool.
     Mark also decided to collect the clothes that they left behind during their war against each other. Whether dirty or clean, Mark took it. It added to the weirdness. Why they decided to leave their clothes behind Mark didn’t know but it benefited him so all worked out.



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