Wk 6- Artist Convo- Isaiah Ulloa

     This week I did my artist conversation on Isaiah Ulloa. He was a really chill guy. His art was a sculpture of his head and another of his whole body. The crazy thing about the head though was that it was stretched out. They were suppose to seem like snow but that be to difficult to maintain so he just used white foam. He go it head and body looking the way it did by scanning it first then simply putting it through a machine.
     Isaiah decided to do it this way because he really likes putting himself out there. He said it helps his self-esteem. He also did it because he loved how the technology used made his artwork look. He was fascinated with the machines that helped creat his piece. He said it took about a month to do but the process took way longer but it was worth it. Also said face was supposed to have more to it but even though he didnt have the rest he still felt his art was strong enough to stand alone.
     For me personally, out of all the artwork I’ve seen this week I really enjoyed Isaiah the most. I don’t know why but the face stretching was pretty cool and interesting. It’s unique to me because I’ve never seen that before. The snowy theme also got me because I’ve never really been in nor scene snow so it really caught my eye. I don’t know what he was trying to express but I like it anyways.



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