Wk 6- Classmate Convo- Uriel Reveles

     I did my classmate conversation on Uriel. He is a Sophomore at our school and right now he is undeclared.He is thinking about doing engineering, either mechanical or electrical. He loves soccer and mainly roots for Manchester United, who’s in the European league. Also like basketball (Celtics). He lives in Compton and went to Centennial High School. He also like to work on cars and sound systems.
     Things we had and common with eachother are basketball team, cars, and favorite food. Even though he said he loved soccer over everything else he still said if he had to choose a basketball team then he’d choose the Celtics. He tight. He also said he liked the same type of cars I do and that’s muscle cars. And last but not least our lovely and amazing favorite food; Chilicheese fries! He is awesome for that.
     Uriel said he likes the art class but thought it would be less interactive with eachother and artist and more of doing art. He also didnt really like some activities like Kickstart. He did like the art galleries though so far. He thinks art is cool and a good way for people to express themselves. He also thinks its a good means to escape reality.



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