Wk 7- Artist Convo- Kenita Hale

     Last week was a crazy one indeed. I didn’t notice this art that I am doing today because I was in a rush for a test I needed to study for but it was awesome and I’m glad he told me about. He said it looked like a place to worship demons, and I was like really? When I saw a picture of it I was amazed. The room was pitch black with a ton of candles that lite the room but it did not entirely illuminate the dark. It also had a freaky mask.
     I didn’t get to talk to her personally but my friend said she spoke as if her art was magically. Like she wanted it to be like a magical being. He said she seem as if her art was like God like. Like it was a huge divine thing. Even though it looked so dark in a way.
     I thought it was one of the best art pieces I saw in awhile. I didn’t really know if it was actually a place of demon/devil worship, regular worship, or if it was like a memorial but it was cool looking. I truly wish I had got the opportunity to see it in person.



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