Wk 7- Classmate Convo- Emmanuel Lara

     Emmanuel is one of my best bros. I have known him since freshman year of high school. We both played football in HS as well. He is a very chill and laid back guy. He can be very abusive to a persons thigh though lol. He is a freshman and varsity coach at Warren High School. From that one might be able to tell that he wants to coach college in the near future. Football, Starwars, Jesus, and Lord of the Rings is his life.
     What I find very unique about him is faith. He says he is not religious in which people can argue if they want but it won’t offend him. He says he has a relationship with Jesus and I kind of find that amazing. He always carrying he bible where ever he goes and if he by chance forgets it he always has little flashcards with verses on them. He tries his best to memorize as many verses as he can. It truly amazes me.
     When it comes to art he may not really be interested from what I see and hear. It’s not that he doesn’t like it because some are cool to him, but mainly because he may not understand them. This class is interesting in a way he says with how the professor is doing it but art itself may not be his thing.



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