Wk 8- Artist Convo- Kiyomi Fukui

This week I did my artist conversation on Kiyomi Fukui. She wasn’t there in person to talk to but her art caught my eye. It was a desk with a bunch of rocks on it. It also had dust, soil, and other particulates in and on it.
Kiyomi said she experienced a death scene with a bird and it really talked to her. She said death is inevitably and unpredictable. She did this piece as a shrine offering to the cat and as a reminder that death can approach a person any moment in there life whether foreseen or unexpected.
I really liked the desk. I don’t know why but it grabbed my attention to the max. It was like a memorial to something, or maybe more like a creation just to show beautiful from what nature holds. This art was the best I have seen out of all of them.



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