Wk 8- Classmate Convo- Alonzo Urita

     This week I met Alonzo Urita. Its funny cause I was hanging out with him this whole time with my other friend Michelle and I didn’t even know he was in my class. He is a freshman pursuing a career as an engineer. Right now he is declared as an mechanical engineer. He first came in thinking of doing graphic design but he changed his mind. He is full Mexican. He played volleyball in high school. He went to Downey High and is now living in south gate.
     Alonzo wasn’t that much of a talkative guy with me but I did notice that when it came to people he really did know he was very talkative. Maybe he doesn’t just like me, idk lol. We also hang out with the same people but never talk. It’s so weird. I hope I’m able to get to know him more.
     He didn’t really know much about art, but he decided to take art to experience it and meet new people. He seems to be enjoying it so far because most of the art seemed kind of cool to him. He can’t wait to see what else we are going to do.



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