Wk 8- ePortfolio Activity

     This activity involved me having to get used to WordPress and its functions. I tried to do it like 2 hours before it was due thinking it would be easy but it ended being more confusing and difficult for me then I thought.
     At first I couldn’t figure out how to make the menu and widgets work with my original theme and by the time I figured it out I had already picked a more easy, understandable, and decent looking theme. I really like my new theme because it’s so easy to understand. It also had a cool nature header designs so that made me happy. My old theme was just cool cause of the starry background, other than that it sucked.
     This assignment was a good one because it helped you get used to WordPress if you didn’t understand it before. I added a calendar, WordPress sign in, recent posts, archives, recent comments, categories, and my pictures all to my side bar. I decided to leave the menu with just the home and about tabs, but I might modify it again later. For now though I am happy with my theme and I hope others enjoy it as well.






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