Wk 9- Artist Convo- Heather Hassenbein

     This week I did my artist conversation on Heather Hassenbein. Her art was a bunch of either melded metal or polymer clay. Polymer clay is her main material in most of her art pieces. It looked like a bunch of rubberbands at first but then when I got closer the image was totally different. I don’t know what it is suppose to be exactly but it was awesome.
     Heather views her work as creating moments that evoke a sense of beauty, nostalgia, and jubilation. She truly enjoys what she does and loves the little details in things. She gets most of her ideas for her pieces through her own day to day environments. She love making work centered on aesthetics. She adapts to each one of her art pieces and as a result her creations are formed.
     I really liked her piece especially this one. She also had a flower one but this one caught my eye. I just really like how the colors went together and how cool looking it was. I can’t say I really got an idea on what was trying to be expressed, if something was trying to be said, but even so I would like to see more.



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