Wk 10- Classmate Convo- Yesenia Chavez

     This week I met Yesenia Chavez. She is a freshman at CSULB. Right now she is undeclared, but she is thinking that she may become a film major. She is not in any club or Sororities and she doesn’t plan on joining any anytime soon. She lives and commutes from Downey. She went to Warren High School. She really likes the campus and hopes to continue enjoying it here.
     It wasn’t really an active talk because we didn’t know really what to talk about but we didn’t catch a little something when she said she went to Warren High School. I told her how I used to know nothing of the Downey area but now I go almost once every week. I told her I go down to hang out with my friend who actually coaches football at Warren. She was like wow and talked about how she may do her classmate conversation on him next time.
     This class doesn’t really interest her, like she really isn’t into art. It has nothing to do with the class being horrible cause she actually think its koo, but its just not her thing. She said she has to take it for pre-major and it looked pretty easy. For now she is just going to lay back and she what else this class can come up with and hopefully something really catches her attention.



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