Wk 10- Artist Convo- Marguerite Freed, Yee Li, and Sophia Dao’s

     This week I did my artist conversation on three people; Marguerite Freed, Yee Li, and Sophia Dao’s. All their peices were pretty awesome but the one that caught my eye was a piece of artwork created by 16 individual pieces. It looked like a design that was put together by random shapes and lines with colors that communicated with each other.
     The artist tried to create anxiety of some sort from their art piece. They said that they wanted to express feelings of claustrophobia. This is a fear of tight/cramp spaces. The colors, shapes, and other elements used helped create that feeling of anxiety by make it appear as though a lot is going on at once. It kind of referred to life it self.
     When I first looked at this art work I was like wow. It really caught my eye and I don’t really know why that is. Maybe it was the colors used or the way it was set up but it was awesome. I don’t know about it making me feel claustrophobic cause it didn’t but it was cool to look at. Its shapes and lines somehow went together.



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