Wk 11- Do What I Want Activity

     This week was do your own thing week. Truthfully I had no idea what to do but then I thought, while eating my Reeses Puff. Design something that means a lot to you with something you like. So with that I decided to spell out friends and outline my hand print as like my signature of somewhat with one of my favorite cereals, Reeses Puff. Friendship means a lot to me. I’d rather be out chilling with friends then chilling in my bed at home. Friends make life less lonely and more understandable. Without someone by your side to help you and complete you then you are alone and in sorrow for all days ahead of you. I actual thought the Reeses Puff went well with this because it shows two flavors that are good alone but even better when with eachother. This was an amazing activity and I’m glad I came up with this idea of mine.



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