Wk 12- Activity Feedback

     This class, Art 110 Visual Art, was actually a really fun class. I’m not going to lie. The fact that there was no test made this class so awesome. Professor Glenn was an amazing and understanding Professor. All of the extra credit also made the class easy and amazing. There is no way to fail this class so I don’t feel nothing more needs to be added. Its a fun and easy class.
     My favorite 3 activities in this class are Plaster Casting, Spray Painting, and Landscapes. Plaster Casting was one of my favorites because we got to get out, go to the beach, and have fun by making sculptures of our bodies. Spray Painting was also the same, even though I couldn’t go to the beach for this one, but to top it off we got to spray paint! My last favorite was the Landscape activity. I just thought it was really cool and easy. I got to be dead around something I cared. I don’t know why I like it.
     My least favorite 3 activities in this class are Kickstarter, Counterfactual Identity, and ePortfolio. Kickstarter was just annoying and hard to think about. Counterfactual was kind of the same. I didn’t know what to do with each. My last least favorite was the ePortfolio cause I had to change something on the web design which I didn’t really get I’m the first place. It helped me understand it better but was still annoying to figure it out.


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