Wk 12- Artist Convo- Timothy Cooper

     This week I did my artist conversation on Timothy Cooper. He wasn’t there but his art was kind of interesting. His art was of 145 little plates that were made of stoneware clay and satin white glaze. It looked like a plus sign or medical sign. It was in a somewhat darkened room. It was called Something that means Something.
     Timothy saw his art as something that bore witness to the ability of multiple individuals to work together to produce a positive personal, social, and aesthetic experience. His view is that the most important materials in art are community, time, and personal desires. He says that the plates carried some kind of resonance that all objects, at one time, served as a practical, personal, or communal need.
     I really like it for some reason. I think since it looked like a medical sign and I’m going into medicine it just caught my interest. I wish I could’ve talked to him about it. It was actually the only one that caught my eye that day so that may have been another reason why. I can not wait to see more amazing art in the remaining weeks.



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