Wk 12- Classmate Convo- Alan Vu

     This week I met Alan Vu. He is a sophmore at my school, CSULB. He is in the pre-major of Speech Language Pathology, which is a form of Speech Therapy. He is in Phi-Kappa-Tau, which is a Fraternity. Alan is also in the Speech Language Pathology Club. He even dorms as a residental assistant (RA). He is from Salinas, CA and went to Salinas HS. Salinas is kind of a little farm town.
     He seems to be a really cool guy. Alan seems very active and interacts with his school a lot. He decided to do speech therpy because it didnt involve math and he really wanted to help people. We had a little something in common with the fact that we both played football. He also ran track though which I didn’t do.
     Visual art is not really his thing. He said he could appreciate it but it doesnt catch hos attention as in wanting to do it. He is more towards the music aspect of art. He took this class because it is an easy A and fulfills a requirement, but he really does enjoy the class though.



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