Wk 13- Artist Convo- Brittnee Forline

     This week I did my artist conversation on Brittnee Forline. The first thing you had to know before looking at her art was the word Finifugal. It means hating endings; of someone who tries to avoid or prolong the final moments of a story, relationship, or some other journey. I actually like the word now cause I hate endings. Well ones that shouldn’t have ended the way they did at least. I did her piece of the ring that looked kind of like a mini crown on a piece of chain armor.
     Brittnee saw life as aways changing,  which I agree with, and was only looking to find some kind of stability. She uses metals to help hold concepts and moments she doesn’t want to let go of. Her body of work is an attempt to avoid endings and prolong the many journeys that has brought her joy.
     I think her work is cool. I really just liked all the rings and necklaces, especially the ring that looked like a mini crown. I also love her finifugal meaning behind her work. I hope she can hang on to the things and journeys she holds dear for a very long time.



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