Wk 13- Classmate Convo- Rachel Price

     This week I did my artist conversation on Rachel Price. She is a sophomore and pre-psychology major at my school CSULB. She may want to do children psychology. She went to Los Al High School. She lives in Cypress and commutes. She played soccer all four years in high school. She also likes reggae and she is Christian.
     Rachel was very chill. She likes to skateboard, preferably long boards, which I found cool cause I just started to learn myself two months ago. She also likes movies and like me she prefers to watch it then read it. I like action over comedy more but she prefers comedy over action, so we are flipped on that. She actually loved the Harry Potter series which I never fully saw and she was kind of in like wth mode about that lol. She was really cool to talk too.
     She thinks class is chill. It kind of just fills a requirement for her, but she does like art. She actually likes to draw and paint on her free time. For her she rather do it then look at it. She thought the class activities were fun though because it helped with her hands on need.



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