Wk 15- Artist Convo- Troy Rounseville

     This is the last and final artist blog for my Art 110 class! This week I did my artist conversation on Troy Rounseville. His art work was instruments! Awesome! He had a drum, guitar, turn table, and my favorite a piano. I didn’t use the piano pic cause it came out blurry so I borrowed my friends guitar pic that played sounds through a machine. This art was very unique.
     Troy believed as technology advanced the experience of communication through technology will become more real. He said that the lines where reality ends and virtual reality begins will become blurry. He believes that see eachother through a screen of some aort can be just as real as a face-to-face conversation. I actually wish I got to meet him. He may have been pretty cool and nice.
     I just thought it was really cool to since I like music, mainly beats, and nobody was playing it. It really caught my attention. I’m not really good at knowing the actual artist of a sound but I domt love the soumd most songs make. I actually just went to a Jazz concert the other day, which was very cool. This may well be one of my favorites.



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